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How to Replace the Replacement Key Battery For the Saab 9-3Saab owners have to follow a series of special steps to install an additional ignition key. This requires a handheld computer, called Tech-2 that is operated by the dealer. Then, a new transponder and key need to be purchased.Rotate your keys to prevent one from wearing out quicker than the next. This will keep your keys in top condition.Replacement CaseThe new key fobs aren't like the older Saab keys. They are equipped with electronics that make it difficult to copy. This has made car theft significantly more difficult than 20 years ago. However, it has made the replacement of lost keys a more costly endeavor.Every owner of a Saab 9-3 needs to have at least two working keys. If one is lost, it is expensive to purchase a new one for the car since it requires replacing the CIM module and re-programming the locking cylinders. Dealers usually charge between $100-$200 for this.There are some ways around these high cost. Some parts providers can look up the code on an extra key (usually the same one that opens the doors and turns off the ignition) and cut a new key blade out of metal for less than the dealer's cost. The key, however, must be the same as the original in order to function within your car.You can also change the case yourself by following these steps. You'll require an open-faced screwdriver and a lot of patience. With the screwdriver, slowly tear the plastic away and then separate the emergency key from the case. Once you have the case open, remove the electronic components and place them into your new case. Make sure to insert the correct badge and key back in the case too.Replacement BatteryThe Saab 9-3 replacement battery is a cheap component that can be easily and quickly replaced. This YouTube video by Cyclone Cyd demonstrates the procedure for replacing the battery for the remote fob in just four easy steps. This tutorial can be used with any modern Saab key fob. However, the procedure could differ slightly.The button is normally located next to the Saab logo on the back of the fob. The button is usually found on the back of your fob right next to the Saab Logo. Use a flathead screwdriver to insert the screwdriver through the small hole on this button. This will be enough to allow you to open the case of the fob so that you can replace the battery.Once the new CR1632 battery is installed then you can reassemble your remote key fob and then program it to your car. The entire process shouldn't take more than one hour. It is a simple procedure that doesn't require any special equipment.If you lose your key, the procedure will be somewhat more complex but it is still able to be completed. The dealer must determine the VIN of the car and then order a new key blade and TWICE module with the proper unique code. The dealer will then need to program the key using MDI an innovative software tool.Replacement Key FobThe key fob has batteries that are used to lock and unlock your vehicle. The batteries have a lifespan that is a long time, and they eventually fail. This is a common problem that affects all cars and the good thing is that you can change the batteries in most key fobs without replacing the entire case. You can buy replacement fobs on Amazon that include all the electronics already in place, so you'll simply open the case and replace those batteries that are old. It is important to keep in mind that you'll need remove the emergency key first. you can do this by inserting the small screwdriver flathead into the slot in the middle of the case. The screwdriver should be moved around the case, and it will split open, making it easy to take it out.If you're about to replace the keys ensure that you have spare keys, as this will reduce your total cost by a significant amount. If you have a spare you can have the dealer cut a new key and program it into your car, which is cheaper than replacing the whole key fob.It is possible to add a second key to your vehicle even if you don't have one, but it takes a great deal of research and effort. It can cost a few hundred dollars to get a second car key. The computer of the vehicle also has to be programmed. This can be done by a professional, but it is an expensive option for the majority of owners.Replacement IgnitionContrary to earlier Saab vehicles, the latest SAAB 9-3 models feature an upgraded alarm system that is dependent on a coded keys. If you lose your only key, it may be costly to replace it with another one since the car needs to include a computer and also be programmed to accept a brand new key. Even dealers can charge hundreds of dollars to program an additional key in the event that they are unable to complete the task.Dealers will charge you a premium to replace your car computer (also called the CIM or SAAB twice) if you lose your only functioning key. Instead we can reprogramme the EEPROM in your current car computer, preparing it to accept a second key, which will save you more than 50% of what you'll be charged at a dealership.If you've been a long time owner of an 03-11 SAAB 9-3, then you likely know that the ignition key isn't the most durable. They can be extremely sticky, and the buttons are known to be removed from them at times, so you should consider getting a replacement if yours isn't working as it should. It's not as difficult as you think to replace the ignition key. With saab key programming near me , it could be accomplished in a short time.